Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is well known for many things. Whether it is his inclusiveness on gender and race, his strong faith in the American people, his warmth toward refugees, his ability to ignite the world’s best bromance with President Obama, but we also got to know him as a man with an impressive upper body strength.

There are pictures of Justin Trudeau performing many different styles of yoga, including the famous picture of him performing the Peacock Pose or Mayurasana in what appears to be a conference room.

When we talk about the peacock pose or Mayurasana is an asana where a person makes a pose that resembles a peacock.

How do you achieve this pose?

To achieve this Mayurasana pose, you will have to get on your hands and knees…..don’t forget your yoga mat!

You will then need to turn your hands out and then around so that your fingers are facing backwards. It sounds complicated, but it is easily achieved! Don’t forget to breathe………….

Check that your hands are about 6 inches apart because you want to have that little bit of space, bend your elbows and then lower your back as you are doing this onto your upper arm.

At this point your elbows will be in your lower abdomen, you then bring your upper arms to a point so that they are exactly parallel to the ground, lean your body forward…..don’t forget to breathe, very important! And then you will extend your body forward while at the same time extending your legs and then you lift them off the ground!

This may sound a bit complicated and probably something that may come across as unachievable, but it works!

Mayurasana Benefits and Precautions

Tip; your stomach must be empty if you are to perform this asana!

I would recommend that you have your meals at least six hours before you attempt or do this asana that way your food is all digested and that you have enough energy that you can actually devote to performing this asana.

The best times to practice this asana is in the morning because, at that time, the food that you would have eaten the night before would have been nicely digested and let’s face it, most of us have our bowel movements in the morning so you literally have a clear digestive system to start off with.

A definite plus!

Benefits of Mayurasana in Points 

  • It strengthens your upper body muscles and gives you that upper body strength, it also strengthens your legs as you stretch them out to achieve the pose. Your back will love you for this!
  • It is useful because it improves the digestive system especially in people that normally get constipated quite often.
  • It also improves the spinal cord by making it much straighter and improves any problem that you might have with your spinal cord.
  • It stimulates one’s metabolism, induces the pancreas to regulate that body sugar which then helps in the prevention of diabetes.
  • It also has that tendency to reduce any cholesterol build up that may accumulate in the areas that are around your stomach.