As you are becoming more and more aware of yoga, you will also come across some ancient yoga symbols. They are known as yoga symbols because my practising the yogi kind of lifestyle you are more than likely to come across them and it can be liberating to know what these symbols mean.

These symbols can also be somewhat spiritual and are not restricted to yoga alone because Yoga is about the mind, body and spirit.

Here are some of the symbols that are most commonly noted in yoga. We have A Mala, Om or Aum for pronunciation sake, Hamsanand, The Tree of Life, The Mandala, The Chakras, Ganesh or Ganesha and Buddha.

These are all great and interesting words to mention but what do they mean? What do they stand for? How are they important when you are practising Yoga?

Let’s explore them one by one;

A Mala

These are usually made into beads which are used as a tool when practising yoga because they are worn by people who are into spiritual practices….not the voodoo kind of practice….. And yogi’s who literally is everyone that practices yoga.

They are also used as part of a healing process that acts as a reminder of what one might be going through. It is liberating!

Om or Aum

This represents a sound or a vibration sound of the whole universe. This is widely used when meditating in Yoga and it is often chanted and the beginning and end of the meditation. The word comes from Indian religions such as Buddhism and the sound Om symbolises the any different types of states that we normally have in our lives, whether we are asleep, awake and strangely enough in between.

The Lotus

A lotus is a natural flower that generally originates from Asia particularly in the south and Australia. The lotus flower grows in streams on mud and the worst possible conditions, but despite this, it still comes out to be a beautiful flower.

This is yoga symbolises how as people we can overcome the obstacles that come our way in this journey that we call life and still flourish. It represents spiritual growth and development

The Tree of Life

The tree of life connects us all. This symbol represents the existence of people, the heavens and the skies. It is a symbol that represents unity for all forms of life, from mother Earth to the Universe.

The Mandala

This is an ancient word that means circle. This represents how as people we are widely connected to a wider universe.

The way this works is that one has to focus on a mandala or be able to visualise one. This is used when meditation because it helps draw attention to our inner self and puts one into a conscious stake which is where we normally want to be in when we meditate.

Hamsa Hand

This hand as it is also called ‘the hand of Fatima’ is believed to protect people from the ‘evil eye’. The evil eye in Yoga represents bad luck, evil spirits or some negative energy.

Having this as an amulet, or wearing it, or even having a piece of this inside your house is believed to offer your home or you with some protection from evil spirits, bad energy or negative energy and protection against evil spirits.

The Chakras

Chakra means wheel, and it originates from India. This system originates from India and represents the balance of life. If you have one Chakra out of balance, it affects all of the Chakras.

What this means is that there are things such as being upset, being tired, being stressed or even sickness that has an effect on specific Chakras but meditation and other practices in yoga that can help bring all these areas into balance for a much more healthier you.

The Buddha 

Buddha means ‘he who is awake’. This is linked or associated with a Crown Chakra which means enlightenment; this includes being able to discover the meaning of life.