You have worked hard all day and all week and spent a countless number of hours on that desk, and not to mention that your mobility has been close to zero, it is enough to tighten your hips because the better part of the day is spent being immobile!

There are some yoga poses that can help the body recover from the hours that are spent sitting on that desk. What I would love to do is to share some poses that will help relieve some of that back pain that comes as a result of this for a much more flexible you!

Lower back pains I a very common complaint in those people that have tight hips and nothing stresses a person out even more than a lower back pain that will not go away.

One of the ways to relieve that back pain is by performing the ‘tree pose ‘that is aimed at improving that posture, that bad posture that we develop through sitting on a desk for a very long time!

Emotional benefits of the Tree Pose

In 2015, Justin and his wife Sophie did tree pose — with Trudeau in a full suit — impressing Canadians and yogis alike by maintaining excellent form, keeping their feet away from their knees.

The tree pose helps you with your balance, but what it will also do is to help you gain your physical and mental steadiness.

Performing this pose improves one’s concentration and at the same time also helps calm your mind. By keeping calm and focused while maintaining a pose like a tree, balancing your body on one foot will teach you to be steady no matter what the outside situations might be, like a tree! The beautiful thing about trees is that no matter the circumstance, a tree will always maintain its balance….

This pose teaches one to have a meditative state of mind even in the outside world. This goes beyond the yoga classes that you might have.

It teaches you that you can always bring calmness and that you can also be able to focus in all situations whether you are at work, or even at home. It gives you that sense of balance for both the mind, body, and soul.

Restorative Yoga for neck and Shoulders

Forget massages, forget to go to a therapist and having them focus on fixing your neck, shoulders and your upper back, there are a number of restorative yoga exercises that you can do to help you combat this problem.

Let us have a look at some poses that can help restore your body and help relieve that tension that comes as a result of slouching and folding your shoulders forward.

An example of a pose that is likely to achieve this is the ‘Eagle pose’.

This pose opens up your joints and brings your elbow in line with your shoulders. if you are a beginner or is probably doing this pose for the first time it can be difficult to bind the crossed leg around your ankle so the simplest way that you can achieve this is by simply crossing your leg around your ankle and then you press the edge of your pinkie toe on the side of the calf that you are standing on.

This is just one of the many poses that can help restore the tension that can build up around the neck and shoulders.