There is a lot of scientific research that is being done to show how yoga can improve the most common disorders that people have, especially in mental illness patients that suffer from a lot of anxieties.

Sat Bir Khalsa an Assistant professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School explains in a documentary that was aired which outlines the scientific benefits that there are four components that make yoga what it is which are as follows;

The first component he explains that the Physical postures, the stretching, the exercises the breathing techniques, the exercises and the movements and the relaxation techniques all make yoga into what it is. A combination of all these that make yoga what it is.

The second component is Self-regulation which is the ability to control our stress response and also our emotional response that also adds an extra element to yoga.

The third component is Cultivation of the mind. This is a sense of being able to sense and feel what is going on in the body and to mentally observe the flow of thought that leads that leads to an increased mindfulness that has the ability to change behaviors in the most positive way.

The fourth component is being able to experience deeper states that make people have a much more positive lifestyle.

What you will find though is that the people that have experienced the benefits of Yoga do not actually need to be convinced of what Yoga can actually do for them.

The Research and the Benefits

Michael de Manincor Psychologist and Director of the Yoga Institute conducted a research where he observed a group of people that severe depression and anxiety disorders over a 6 week period.

What they did is they observed these people as they did Yoga for twelve minutes a day over the six week period and compared them to similar patients that were taking drugs for the same disorders.

The result was a 33% reduction in their disorders as a result of doing Yoga. They saw a reduction in depression.

Overall anxiety and psychological disorders and an increase in resilience which is the most important measure in mental health patients.

There are a lot of prescription drugs that have been designed to alleviate a lot of symptoms, but what we must understand is that these drugs also come with side effects that can harm the body.

At the end of the day, it seems better to look for much healthier and safer ways to help alleviate these symptoms and conditions that we have and Yoga is designed to help improve some of these problems that we may have.